What Are The Types of Keyboard Connectors?

Keyboards cables use several different connector types. Before you order your new keyboard, make sure you know what connector type you need to so that your new keyboard will be compatible with your computer.

5-Pin DIN

The 5-pin DIN connector was a bit larger than today's connectors, and had five pins to make a proper connection to the computer. This connector is often referred to as an AT connector; they are not widely used today.

6-Pin Mini-DIN

The 6-pin mini-DIN connector replaced the original 5-Pin DIN designs. They are smaller, and usually purple to differentiate it from the mouse connector. 6-Pin Mini-DIN connectors are usually referred to as PS/2 connectors and are widely used in desktop computers.


USB is the most commonly used keyboard cable connector type. USBs are small rectangular connectors that provide a major upgrade over the older DIN connector types. USB connectors are hot-swappable, meaning that you can unplug them and plug them in without turning off your computer.

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