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New Dell FoxConn 3-03950-01 YG068 HD68 Male to HD68 Male 1ft cable Patch Wire harness SCSI

Model# CABLES YG068 N
Price: $21.99

In Stock, 58 available.


Length: 12" / 1' / .3m

Connect type: HD68M (68 Pin High Density Male to 68 Pin High Density Male)

SCSI Interface Type: Ultra2 LVD SCSI 

Up for auction is a High Density HD68 (HD68M to HD68M), 68 Pin External SCSI cable with screw thumb screw connectors.

This type of cable is usually used to connect Ultra 2 LVD SCSI devices with HD68 connections such as SCSI Controller

to an external device, between external devices, printers, scanners, etc. 

This connector type is also known as:

MD68 (Micro Density)


Also Fits Sun 530-1883-01

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