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New HK120 + KK002 Genuine OEM Dell Optiplex USFF Hard Drive Cooling Blower Fan Module Blue Bracket HDD Thermal Control Cable Assembly White 3Pin Header Red Yellow Black DC5V GX620 GX760 745 755 760

Model# FANS HK120 N.
Price: $9.99

In Stock, 505 available.
This listing is for a Genuine Dell Original Equipment Manufacturer's Fan Assembly

Type: Fan and Housing
PN: HK120 and KK002
Fits: Optiplex GX620 GX760 745 755 760 USFF
Form Factor: USFF Ultra Small Form Factor
Measurments: 3.12-Inches(W) x 2.9-Inches(L) x 1.12-Inches(H) w/ Cable 2-Inches free from housing Fan Specs: Forcecon F668-CW 0.5A 8.4CFM (071809A) DFB551306MC0T (or compatible) Compatible PN's: 0HK120 CN-0HK120 0KK002 CN-0KK002 F668-CW DFB551305MC0T 071809 GB0507PGV1-A

Prior to purchase, please review all photos and description details to ensure this item suits your needs and is compatible with your system.

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