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How to Replace Your Laptop Shell Casing

The best way to protect your laptop is to keep a sturdy and strong case on it. If you are replacing the case on your laptop, this list will help you to remove the existing case and install the new one with as painlessly as possible. You will need a pry tool and about 1 hour of time.

Steps to replacing your laptop case:

  • Turn off your laptop, remove the power cord and remove the battery. Remove any external devices that may be connected.
  • Run your finger along the outside perimeter of the case to locate any clips securing the case to the laptop.
  • Use the pry tool to open any clips holding your case to your laptop, or to open any notches. Sometimes, a credit card can be used to wedge between the case and the laptop until it pops open.
  • Pull the top and bottom parts of the case off the laptop and set them aside.
  • Lay the bottom half of the new shell casing on a hard surface and place the bottom half of the laptop inside the shell. Make sure that your USB ports are properly lined up with the holes on the case, and gently push down on the laptop until you hear it pop into place.
  • Lay the top half of the case on the hard surface now, and then the top half of the laptop inside of it ? so that the laptop is now upside-down. Push down the laptop until it pops into place.