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    What Are The Different Mouse Connector Types?

    There are several different types of mouse connectors on your computer that you can plug your mouse into. A mouse connector is a dedicated socket on your computer. This article will explain the different types of connectors are available to connect your mouse to your computer.

    Bus Mouse

    The first type of mouse was connected to the PC by the use of a bus; it was used in the early days of the IBM-compatible personal computers. It connected to the PC through a specialized bus interface implemented via an ISA add-in card. It was replaced by the serial mouse.

    Serial Mouse

    The serial mouse was connected to the computer via the serial port at the back of the motherboard. The serial mouse is obsolete.

    PS/2 Mouse

    The PS/2 mouse is connected on the green PS/2 port on the back of your computer. The PS/2 mouse connector is a 6-pin mini-din connector.

    USB Mouse

    The shape and appearance of the USB mouse is similar to the others, but the connector connects to a USB port on the back of your PC.

    The USB port also provides power to the mouse, eliminating the need for power source also being connected to your mouse. USB ports are hot-swappable, which means they can be unplugged and plugged in without having to restart your computer.

    Wireless Mouse

    This is the latest type of mouse and it does not use a cable to connect to the back of your computer. Some wireless mice use a USB receiver while others use a bluetooth connection. The mouse is powered by batteries, usually AA.