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      How Do I Buy The Right Power Connector For My Laptop?

      Your laptop makes your life more portable and makes working on the go much more convenient. You can take your laptop everywhere you go, so the power adapter or power cord has become one of the most important accessories that you have, and a broken or lost cord can render you powerless on the spot.

      Even if you haven't lost or broken your cord yet, you may want to purchase a back-up just in case. This article will help you pick out the right adapter for your laptop.

      Choosing the Right Replacement Cord or Adapter:

      Find your laptop's model number. You can find this number on a sticker on the bottom or on the side of your computer. If your stickers are missing, check your user manual. You can also find it under your laptop's system properties.

      Find your wattage requirements. Laptop adapters have varying voltage (V) outputs, and using the wrong laptop adapter can damage your computer. Check your user's manual for voltage requirements information for your laptop.

      Find a compatible laptop adapter. Look for the compatibility lists in descriptions of laptop adapters you are looking at. Laptop model numbers can often look similar, so make sure the model numbers match exactly.