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    How Can I Keep My Computer From Overheating?

    More than likely, your computer came out of the box will an adequate cooling system and fans, but if you do not take care of them, they will not continue to work right. Here are some steps you can take to make sure they continue to maintain a safe temperature.Solution:buy cpufan or buy cpu heatsink

    Keep your cooling system and fans clean: Not only will dust muck up the delicate workings of your computer, it will serve as an insulator and raise the temperature of all of the working components inside your computer. You can eliminate dust by using a can of compressed air, a damp cloth. Focus on the fans, inlets and heat sinks, as well as the fan on top of the CPU, the filers over the fans and the fan on the power supply.

    Do not keep your computer in a hot space or next to hot running appliances: Check the physical location of your computer ? if you have appliances that are running hot or warm air toward your computer, your fans and cooling system will be overworked and have a shorter life span. You should keep your computer in an open and cool location where room temperature air can circulate around the machine.

    What Do I Do If My Computer Has Already Overheated?

    When a computer is overheating, many people make the mistake of removing the side of the case and continuing to run the machine that way. This will only cause the problem to get worse, because there is no protection from more dust or foreign objects, as well as interrupt the sophisticated convection system designed to deliver cool air directly to specific parts of the system.

    Instead of running your computer with a missing side panel, shut down your machine and let it cool down completely. Check to make sure your machine is clean and free of dust bunnies and that your BIOS is updated. Install a monitor to keep track of your running temperature or upgrade, if necessary, to monitoring software that more specifically meets your needs.

    If you have taken those steps and still having issues with high temperatures, open your case and check that your fans and heat sinks are not damaged. Look for cracks or missing pieces and unplugged cables. Replace damaged cables and make sure all push pins are secure and any fans you see are running. If you find that your fans or heat sinks are not running or are broken, you will need to replace them.